New Test Release

Yes guys, we have a new release candidate!!!

v5.0.0 beta 4: - 31st May 2009

1 Updates to the administration controls
2 Updates to the weapons restrictions
3 Weapon damage has been adjusted
4 The dynamic capture curve has been adjusted to be steeper at the start
and shallower later on. 1-2 players per team now requires 1 person to
capture, 3-6 requires 2, 7-10 requires 3, and more than that requires 4.

Take particular note of item 2. We need these tested and this can be done on the CoDBoards W@W:HoB5 server.

Weapon damage should be something similar to the following;

All weapons - headshot = a kill
bolt action - 1 shot to upper torso, 1.5 to the lower torso, 2.5 shots to the arm/legs, 3.5 for the hands and feet
semi auto - 2, 3 & 4
SMG - 2.5, 3.5 & 4.5
LMG - 2, 3 & 4
MGs - as per the bolts
knife - as per semi-auto
Bayonet - as per the Bolt action


Way to go Upholder

Visit and see the latest addition to the Call of Duty Hall of Fame.



Illinois' veteran modder Upholder is nominated in the modder category for his work in the Heat of Battle mod, where he was the head coder. Heat of Battle was the original domination gametype for CoD and was brought back by BritishBulldog1 and his colleagues into CoD4. Instrumental in resuscitating HoB for CoD4 was Upholder!


Fritz runs and the 420th servers. Running the 420th, a community of players that grew out of a former UN gaming server, along with Taco (the voice of the 420th), Fritz nurtured the group of ex-UN'ers to greater heights back in the hey-day of CoD2. The phenomenal popularity of the 420th was due mainly to the insanely brilliant map selections. High velocity gaming is what the 420th was all about...that and the infamous spawn-raping (search for "Yuko" on BASHandSlash) that would occur there. Fritz also made quite a few specialized maps for the groups including the Yuko-like "Fritzkrieg".


Adam "Deny" Phan

Some consider Adam Phan (aka Deny), from Waterloo Ontario, one of the most phenomenal players in CoD4 history. One thing is for sure, he is considered one of the best spec-ops players to ever pick up an AK74u and this should easily put him in the Hall. Making a name with Nexus and Gruffalo, he moved on to Team EG where he garnered the undivided attention of the CoD gaming world.

I have personally scrimmed with Deny and he un-deny-iably amazing. A flanking-attacker, all I remember seeing of him was a blur, followed by a flash. He is smart, elusive and consistent. A dangerous attacker, he added a third dimension to EG which turned a #2 team into World Champions in CoD4 garnering first place at The Experience.


Robert "Morg" Black

From Sussex, in the UK, Morg has been Tournament Admin for CDC4 and the Multiplay series (i33). He was the project manager and prime mover behind both ProMod and the CoD DAMN mod. And of course he was team manager of Four-Kings, Dignitas and MYM.

Ian "IanLP" Tannehill

From the U.S., currently the "Head of Game" for the CEVO CoD4 section. Ian has spent years building up competitive the CoD4 competitive eSport scene in North America. In addition, he spends this working life saving people: he's a real-world fire-fighter.

CoD:WaW 1.4 patch is released

Available at

Call of Duty: World at War PC Patch 1.4
Submitted: April 09th, 2009

Notes: Note that Patch 1.4 requires Patch 1.2 & Patch 1.3.
- Files is about 581MB

3 new Multiplayer maps: Kneedeep, Nightfire, Station!
Nazi Zombies map with more weapons, Perks-a-Cola machines, and electroshock defenses: Verrückt!
Improved spawning logic.
Auto balancing improvements. Players are no longer auto balanced while completing objectives.
Mods: IWD's can be placed in the usermaps folder.
Mods: Hold Breath / Sprint functions as intended.
Mods: MissingAssets.csv is generated when maps are run with developer set to 1.
Fixed lag caused by shooting at tanks.
All rifle grenades fired during the first 15 seconds of Search & Destroy will be duds.
Players who equip a Bouncing Betty and melee teammates in Hardcore game modes are now credited with a team kill penalty.
Players are now deducted 200 points for team killing the bomb planter/defuser in Hardcore Search & Destroy.
Martyrdom no longer causes direct impact deaths in Hardcore modes.
"Bayonet jumping" has been disabled.

Heat of Battle 5 (HoB5) goes public

The Heat of Battle, Call of Duty's original "Domination" type game play mod and the oldest surviving Call of Duty mod, undergoes yet another transformation.

Yes, having first appeared just before Christmas 2003, the year of the original release for Call of Duty, the Heat of Battle (HoB), has progressed from CoD1, to United Offensive, missing CoD2, reappearing in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and now, for your delight and pleasure, this team work oriented mod is now available for Call of Duty:World at War (WaW). Join us at CoDBoards W@W:HoB5 public Test server.

The following are the changes introduced for WaW;

1. HoB capture code; Dynamically adjustable, the more players on the server, the more players required to capture an objective. Serverside adjustable, you can have it as only one player needed to capture, or, a minimum of 2 players, increasing to 4 - dynamically.

2. Capture icons removed and replaced with notification of the number of players needed to make the capture.

3. HoB capture bars - These show you the captured areas and if you have team mates there needing assistance to capture. They also show if you are losing a cap to the enemy as well as caps that are "owned" by no one.

4. HoB capture timers: How long do you want it to take before a capture is made? The choice is yours with serverside adjustments. These are set timers, no longer does it speed up with more players on the capture point.

5. New weapon sounds: HoB1 had new sounds recorded by our own team at a firing range - these have now been imported into WaW.

6. Wave respawn - the first appearance of this type of wave respawn appeared in HoB1 and again is incorporated into WaW. Serverside adustable timers.

7. Restricted weapon list; Now you can only choose a weapon that would have been available to your side. No longer will you find an Axis player running around with the Tommy, unless he has picked it up off a dead player etc.

8. All weapons are unlocked, but as per # 8, you can only choose a weapon appropriate to the team you have joined.

9. Rifle sway; When standing and using iron sights, there will be "sway." This is reduced when in the crouched position and virtually eliminated when prone (but not totally eliminated).

10. HoB capture logic for maps; Bringing back the fixed spawning, specific HoB designed maps will prevent the random spawning evident in the the stock MW and WaW games. COME ON YOU MAPPERS, WHERE ARE YOU? Add the HoB gametype to your maps and give the players a return to the fixed spawn HoB gametype.

11. Admin and competition controls; Yes, in-built admin commands provide the following features;

a. Burn - set a player on fire - player burns to death
b. Slap - Give a "love" tap to get the player's attention
c. Shock - Shell shock a player - admin adjustable length of time
d. Disarm - remove all weapons from a player
e. Uberslap - send the player skywards with multiple slaps - death occurs after the last slap
f. Slay - Hit the player with a direct mortar round - instant death
g. Csay commands - Send a message to all players in large type across the middle of the screen
h. Cwarn commands - Send a message to a single player in large type across the middle of the screen
i. Time out - Place a player in the "sin bin" for an admin selected time period. (This is not yet working properly)
j. Pause - pause the game to all players are in and ready - admin selected time period. (this is not yet working properly)
k. Switchteam - cause a player or players to switch teams (also not yet working properly)
l. Chain commands - chain several commands together e.g. burn + uberslap = flaming uberslap, player set on fire and sent skywards = death
m. Variable players selected - Apply commands to 1, 2 or more players. Select a team, or the whole server for each command.

These are the admin commands entered via rcon;

\rcon admincmd "burn name obviously name = player name or unique part of name
\rcon admincmd "burn will set everyone on fire. Change "all" to a player's tag and it will burn all with the same tag

substitute burn for other commands

Some like shock, pause and timeout have a time, so

\rcon admincmd "shock player 10 That will shell shock a player for 10 seconds. Choose the length of time by changing the 10 to suit the occassion

\rcon admincmd "pause 15 No name needed, this will pause the game while waiting for other players to join etc. Naturally, the 15 seconds is alterable, just change it for the number of seconds required. Still undergoing development.

Using the * will chain the command, like

\rcon admincmd "uberslap player*burn player For a flaming uberslap

csay sends a message to the whole server whilst cwarn sends a private message just to that player (or players by using <> round the unique part of name)

If you use a unique part of a name, that is actually shared by several players and you do not surround the name with <>, nothing will happen.

Next on the agenda, is to alter the weapon damage. This will balance the weapons to reflect real life differences between the various weapons, but in a way that does not harm game play and the fun element.

MODDERS - Do you have weapons and the such like that you would like to see introduced to the game? If you do and they are based on historical accuracy, then come and talk to us.

New Heat of Battle Website

We've moved! Welcome to the new home of the Heat of Battle mod.

Hob4:MW Goes Public Beta

After successful testing, Heat of Battle 4 for Modern Warfare has now been released as a public Beta. You can download the file from and Click on 'Read more' for a feature list.
  • HoB Capture logic
  • end round on all flags captured
  • Objective capture requirements dynamically adjusted per team instead of by total server population.
  • Separate round and map time limits.
  • Wave respawn
  • Remove health regeneration
  • 3Dcapture icons removed
  • Remove rank and names from over players heads.
  • Remove weapon crosshairs
  • Incoming grenade indicators disabled
  • don't spawn as spectator when killed.
  • Localization

Heat Of Battle News

Heat of Battle, the ORIGINAL Domination game type for Call of Duty announces the upcoming release of a beta for COD4:MW.

Heat of Battle Beta Features

  • Control points require multiple teammates to capture, encouraging team play and squad tactics.
  • The number of teammates required changes dynamically as the server population changes
  • The round ends upon the capture of all objectives- a real war isn’t won or lost on points, it is won by accomplishing the mission.
  • Health regeneration removed, encouraging tactical play
  • Team members spawn in waves, encouraging team play
  • No Crosshairs
  • Players will be able to build their ranks and use perks as in standard Call of Duty 4 (all players will start at rank 1 in the mod)
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